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Sunday, January 22, 2006


Aggie's doing some DIY - He's building some walls in our bedroom!!!!!!!!!!

*recovers from daze*

I suggest you all go look see at my new tenant while I take some time to get over the shock. Real review coming soon.

UPDATE for those of you who've not been reading long enough or carefully enough:-)

When we moved in (4 1/2 years ago), the house was missing a few vital elements, stairs, walls & ceilings being the most obvious. Then we ripped out most of what was here anyway. Our bedroom used to be two rooms, which we knocked together & Aggied built the internal framework for a walk-in wardrobe & an en suite bathroom (in the english sense - with a bath!). A couple of years later, I finally managed to persuade him that the wooden framework needed covering with some plasterboard, and between us we ensured the walls were no longer see through (or over). Since then he's been promising to bang up some panalling to cover the plasterboard, and I've been slowly tiling the bathroom & painting the wardrobe. When LMD was born he did one wall, so we could put up bookshelves and turn our library into a bedroom for Mstr A (LMB got Mstr A's old room, & LMD went into the nursery). So it's been a year now, and the other three walls are still bare plasterboard. He has forbidden me to do it (something about not trusting me with power tools), so I am still waiting to have a bedroom that doesn't look like a builders yard. Today I got another 1/3 of a wall covered - mostly because we got lots of books for Xmas & have run out of shelf space again, so we need another wall finished to put up more shelves to store our books!


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