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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

spit spot pop

LMB is doing well - most of her spots have scabbed over, and she is feeling fine in herself now. She has ben really good about not scratching, even though she's ot a fair number of spots, and it really nasty places - one right in the middle of her belly button, a few on her feet, loads on her face, and one right on her vagina poor thing:-( I'm hoping she should be OK to go back to nursery on Thursday. Which will work out nicely as Mstr A finishes school on Wednesday and I'm not sure how well Aggie will cope with having them both at home all day!

LMD has not sported a single spot yet! Surely she has got to catch it? They play together, live together, go to school together - they even bath together!

We check each day to see if she has got any spots yet. each morning they come down stairs, and I look at LMB's spots to see how many new ones there are and how many have scabbed over. She asks if she is going to school today, and I say, no becasue she is still spotty. " I can't play with other children because I have chicken pox" she affirms understandingly.

"I got spots" LMD tells me, not willing to be left out. I check her carefully.
"No LMD, you don't have any spots. not like LMB's spots. She's got chicken pox"
"LMB got cocoa pops" agrees LMD "LMD have cocoa pops?"
"not cocoa pops", chicken pox" I explain
"NO! Cocoa pops" she tells me.

I think I'd rather have a bowl of cocoa pops than a dose of chicken pox:-)

On another note we had summer today. Unfortunately the rain is returning tomorrow:-( I know we're really lucky, it's barely affected us here

This is where we were supposed to be camping for our really big re-enactment event of the season last weekend.

but at least we don't live 30 minutes further up the motorway - that looks like this:
We've had a bit of flooding here, but nothing like Gloucestershire, our next door neighbour as it were. Hopefully it will stay that way.
And hopefully our insurance company will be so swamped with big claims they will rush our little claim for a new ceiling in LMB's room through to bump up their claim rate stats:-)

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  • At Tuesday, July 24, 2007 10:24:00 pm, Blogger craziequeen said…

    Yeah, once the pox has scabbed over (or as the medical professionals say - crusted over..ugh!) she's not infectious any more!!

    Poor little love, give her hugs from cq.

    Here's hoping everyone is better for Pembroke - it's going to be a lovely weekend..and my in-law family want to see you all! :-)

    It's hard to imagine those Joust fields are only 10 minutes away from my house.....and we didn't get any flooding...



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