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Friday, June 29, 2007

New beginnings

A quick update on what's been going on ....

Mstr A has been losing teeth like a six year old:-) Another bottom one gone, and the two top middle ones giving him the classic gappy look. He's delighted by th 50p the tooth fairy gives him each time (when she remembers - there have been some close calls where we've had to divert his attention for a few moments in the morning....), but apparently we woz done when we made the deal with our tooth fairy (that's what I told him when he asked if it would go up with each tooth!) as the average tooth is now worth £1.05. But since he doesn't actually spend his money on anything - possibly because we buy him everything he can possibly think of - it doesn't really matter!

He's also been growing non-stop - which means eating non-stop. He's now mostly in 7-8 year old clothes! Not bad for a 5lb baby that I was told (constantly) was underweight, not growing well enough, not thriving and would always be small. He'll be a junior in September, and despite being one of the youngest in his class, he's already one of the bigger kids. Shame he still reacts like a two year old to so many situations:-( Is nice to get hugs an kisses and know that mummy makes it better and he will believe everything I say still, but worrying to know that he still tries to get his own way by pushing other kids out the way. Especially as he has learned to lie like a two year old - ie: every time you do something wrong (or possibly wrong) lie about it, regardless of the fact that the lie is goijg to be found out immediately, then when found out, stick to your guns until your mother is ready to urder you where you stand. Of course, when you are two, you have the cuteness factor to mitigate this behaviour but Mstr A is nearly 7, and a hulking great monster......

Although finally we seem to be moving forwards with officaldom. He has a speach and language appointment on Thursday, and then there will be a professionals meeting to discuss the results of all the previous stuff. He does seem to be doing much better at school, both behaviourally (most of the time) and academically (in that he's doing the work at the right time and in the right place). Everyone at the school knows him by name, but they have a good attitude towards him - not allowing misbehaviour, but not expecting unrealistic behaviour either.

LMB is also on the cusp of growing up - she starts school in September. She will definitely be the youngest in her class as she only makes it into this year by a few hours, but again, she is such a lanky whatsit - already in 5 year old clothes even though she's not even 4 yet - that she will probably be one of the taller ones in the class. She went along to visit the school on Wednesday - which she loved. She can't wait to go back again. I couldn't attend - Aggie took her, but it is really sad to think of her at school already. I'm glad she's going, but time has really flown past! I still think of her as a little baby! 3 is not old enough to go to scho0l! Of course, she is even more impressed by the fact that Cousin G - nearly three months older than LMB - will not be startig school until January 2008. they have a two term intake in London, and Cousin G falls into the younger group so starts a term later:-)

Even LMD is growing up - definitely not a baby any more. Her vocabulary is exploding, and so is her stubborness! Although she certainly knows how to use her smile on adults to get what she wants! She looks like a tiny Dora the Explorer and is as bright as anything! No sign of losing the nappy's yet tho:-(

As for Aggie and me - same old same old. No answer yet from his work. I've booked in for my next year at college - although I don't really know why - I could earn more as a cleaner! I thought lawyers were supposed to be rich! The bloody postmen are on strike today because they only earn twice as much as me! Aggie has been getting on with sorting out some domestic stuff while he's een at home, so we are slowly getting the house a little bit sorted. But only a little! hopefully soon things will feel a little more settled.

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