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Thursday, July 12, 2007


We've been offered a cancellation appointment with Mstr A's peadiatrician tomorrow morning. It's for three hours and will feedback on all the other professionals views & reports, and hopefully (possibly) get us actually starting towards a diagnosis for him.

Or I'll just be told I'm a pushy parent & to shut up & shove off. Who knows?

It's pretty good as usually we would wait about 3 months for this appointment after all the other professionals have had their say, which would take us well into the next academic year! - and it's only been a week. Although they were WELL pissy at work when I told them this afternoon that I wouldn't be in in the morning. My immediate boss was out, so i went to see the head of staffing. he gave me such a look! I know it's awkward, but tough - this is my child's future! Which I told him in no uncertain terms. He was not happy, accepted it, and went to shout at someone else - which i wouldn't have put up with if it were me, but there you go.

I'm slightly annoyed, cos he said how much they had been flexible for me which I think is just untrue - i said at the interview stage that I would not work past 3pm on three days a week. they did not need to show any flexibility. they just needed to decide whether I was what they wanted or not. they obviously decided I was. It's not as though I've been swapping and changing things since! Humph. but really, other thn a bit of self rightousness i'm not bothered. i know I work bloody hard there. my boss knows that. The rest of my team know that. Mostly i don't really care what the others think. they have little bearing on anything:-)

I'll probably work late tomorrow to make up some of th time though - I've only just managed to catch up on being off for those couple days last week! And I'm hoping to do a car boot sale on sunday, as it'sthe only Sunday we've got free until September! And we've got loads of stuff that needs to be got rid off. But that means I have to get on with packing it into the car, cos I'm out all day Saturday at a Spa - just for me. I've never been before, but everyone agrees I deserve it, and I feel it's time i started agreeing with them:-)

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