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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

feeling better

It's always good to have an argument debate - and you can always guarantee a good response by slagging of that old queen of tarts hearts, lady Diana Spencer, (she wasn't Princess Di, they took that title away from her, along with the right to be called "your highness" when she was divorced - I've always wondered how pissy Charlie got when he heard she'd managed to get herself killed, just after he'd put all that effort into being allowed the divorce, and then painstakingly PR'd himself out of being a shit and her into being a wacko.....He could've just waited a few years and been rid of her easily whilst gaining public sympathy!), and I've managed to get the most comments for ages on my joke post about festivals. feel free to wander down there and villify me for my callousness and heartlessness because I JUST DON'T CARE that she's dead. Still, I didn't much care that she was alive either.

Now the Queen mum - that was a much sadder day. the day she died I was travelling across London to go and identify my baby brother's body. He was 25. He worked for the council and was involved in many large projects that have made 10'000's of peoples lives that little bit better. I can't think of many more revolting ways to "celebrate" the 5th anniversary of his death this year than to invite a bunch of people who did not know him to a party!

Anyway, things are starting to get back on a bot more of an even keel for me now. Nothings really changed, but I'm feeling more like interacting with the world again. Nanny A is back from her holiday, and out of hospital! She ended up there with a serious chest infection just a day after arriving home! We went to see her at hospital at the weekend, and have just got back from checking in on her at home this evening. She's looking much better - there is still a way to go, obviously, but she's on the mend. I've finally started sorting out all my out sports stuff. I'm offering it to Mstr A's school first - if they don't want it I might ebay the lot:-) I've finally booked in for next years college course.

Work is picking up again. Both types - employed work because the system is changing (again) which means it looks like I'm going to get a lot more responsibility a lot quicker that I thought. Which is good, cos I'm not good a keeping my head down and shutting up. I try, but then things happen, and I have an opinion...... Self employed work because I'm an idiot who apparently can not count to three any more - I still have over a year left on my current tutoring qualification, so have been catching up with a few courses and making a bit of money ready for our holiday in August.

Mstr A got invited to a birthday party. That's two this year!

LMB adored "big" school and wants to go again every day:-)

LMD has finally grown her legs a bit and is now out of her 12-18 mth clothes, and into the prettier older stuff - although she is 2 1/2 going on 16 at the moment in attitude!

Generally, things feel like they are moving again. I'm not sure where, but moving is good:-)

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