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Thursday, March 01, 2007


I had my one month review at work today. It went well. They said they were happy with what I was doing in general. We discussed some procedures and tinkered with the working practises, but basically they said I was fine. I said I was happy with the level of the work at the moment, and foresaw being able to take on a number of additional duties in time, but not yet:-) Then the Partner pointed out that when I qualified he would expect there would be an opening for me to take on my own case load if i wanted.

Wow! I did say that I am not certain at this point how far I will go with the qualifications. Certainly this year and next year, and then we'll have to see. i don't want to spend the whole of my kids formulative years staying in & studying every night - although tbh, I'm not doing that now really! It's nice to know the job has prospects - except that's not why I took it;-) I hope I didn't talk my way out of it. or into it. i like to keep my options open;-)



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