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Sunday, February 11, 2007

It seemed like a good idea at the time......

We went up to Northants to collect some re-enactment gear yesterday. I search through ebay fairly periodically for useful stuff, and I'm usually quite good about rememberig that "a bargain is only a bargain if you were going to buy it anyway", and just look, think how nice a new x would be, and move on. But last week a couple of chairs caught my eye. I had promised myself a pair of chairs by the end of this season, so it was something I was kind of looking for (you wouldn't believe how much you miss sitting ON things in general, and backed seats are a real luxury!). These were a real bargain, retailing at nearly £300 each (yeah, i know - chairs!! But these are hand made, from English oak, no modern fixings etc. I was intending to buy the cheaper mostly machined & hand finished ones fo £100 each), and this guy had the pair going for less than £100.

I was about to put a bid in, when I noticed he had LOADS of stuff for sale. A bed, tent, crossbow, longbow, loom..... Obviously a re-enacter giving up, and you can get some real bargains that way:-) So I allowed Aggie to email him with an offer. After a bit of arguing we took both chairs, the bed & the loom off him for £180 with an option on the tent, depending on viewing (there are some things you do not buy unseen!). It was a good deal. The kids can share the bed - it will be MUCH warmer than camp beds, which always concerns me on the cold nights. It would've cost us more than that just to get the cheaper chairs we had promised ourselves.

By the END of this season. Now isn't the best time financially. We put it on the credit card.

After a lovely drive into the snow, we arrived, collected the goods. Drooled over the crossbow a bit, but managed to withstand the temptation, but did decide to take the tent. Again, it was a bargain. It was something we had intended to buy - when we had the money. Not now. Out came the credit card again.

Ho hum. I'm sure it'll be great.

We stopped off at a Little chef on the way home for lunch (yes, some do still exist). We had two tables pushed together and all watched as LMB carefully and meticulously placed the handle of her fork between the two tables and pushed them together till it stood upright.

Then promptly headbutted it!!!???***!!!

She burst into tears and we all burst out laughing. Poor thing. It comes of being blond I suppose:-)

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