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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sorting out the century's

I've been trying to sort out our re-enactment kit today.

well, get started anyway. We don't really have any proper place to store most of our stuff out of season, so it tends to get stashed around the house/shed/utility room/under bed/in the hallway/wherever it fell after the last even last year:-)

On the plus side, Some of Mstr A's stuff from last year will mostly fit LMB this year (she needs boy kit as well as girl kit, so she can start combat practise), so i just need to make her a couple of dresses, new underwear, a cloak, and some hose (leggings). Even better, some of LMB's stuff from last year will fit LMD this year, with just a few adjustments, so I reckon I can get away with just making her one dress for the start of the season. Mstr A neds a whole new wardrobe, and a few of each thing as he is off to be a page and needs to wear house colours & patterns, so we started with him....

Aggie was quite enthused this morning and measured all three of them, drew & cut Mstr A's pattern and cut out the fabric for his undershirt. I started sewing it up. I hemmed it all & sewed the shoulders together, then tried it on him (having little faith in aggies patten, and far less in my sewing) It looked OK. I sewed the main seams together & tried it on again. it fit well. I hand sewed on the binding all around the collar & the ties - hours of work - and tried it on one last time. it didn't fit over his head any more! No idea why, since to sew on the binding means I actually make the neck hole a bit bigger (it gets turned down under the binding), but I suppose it loses it's elasticity......

So now LMB has another shirt nearly ready - it just needs arms cut & sewn on. Of course she has two that fit her already, but another won't hurt......

I'll try again later in the week. Aggie has already cut out the main sections of the woolen tunic for Mstr A so he needs a shirt first.

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