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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I did it

I finally did some homework! this really shouldn't be an Event, but sadly it is.

I think I only managed it because college was cancelled tonight for Valentines day (I ask you!) and moved to tomorrow instead. So i had an early finish at work today, with no college to go to:-) So i settled down to half a mock exam - open book for my first attempt. If I get good results I know I am on the right track, and can concentrate on just learning the stuff!

Aggie was supposed to be looking after the kids while I worked, but there was an awful lot of shouting & screaming going on, along with a fair number of visits into the back room where i was working by a child or two compaining about something! I took a break half way through & found LMD fast asleep (fully dressed) on Aggie, who "couldn't move" to sort out the other two as it ould wake her up!

So I put LMD to bed, put LMB in her pyjama's & sent her up with daddy, sewed most of Aggies new tunic, then went back to it. I've finished now - within the alloocated time too:-)

Tomorrow is going to be hard work. A long day at work then straight to college. Ho hum.

And I am determined to do something every week now. Aggie has promised to take the kids out fo a couple of hours each weekend.

we'll see......

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