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Monday, February 26, 2007

In sickness and in health

I tried to get that sentance taken out of our marriage vows (we wrote them ourselves), along with "till death us do part" but both were required by law:-(

We're in sicknesss here at Casa Aginoth right now. Well, I certainly am. It started with just feling a bit bloated on the drive home yesterday afternoon, and progressed to feeling really nauseous & having a raging tempreture by the time I went to bed last night. I hoped it would calm down over night, and intended to at least try to make it in to work today, on the principle that I could come home if I felt too bad, but when I got up this morning, my legs buckled, and the shivering & shuddering just wouldn't go away, so I phoned in sick:-( I managd to get the kids all up, breakfasted, and the girls dressed & ready for school, then took myself off to bed & left Nanny A to sort out everything else. Thanks Nanny A:-) She was booked in to look after Mstr A today as it is an inset day, but actually saved me from having to even get dressed today at all:-)

I did manage to sleep through 'till mid afternoon, which helped quite a bit. I wouldn't want to o too far away from a toilet yet, but I am hopeful I'll be OK to go back to work tomorrow.

Nanny took Mstr A off to see Charlottes Web this afternoon. He nearly didn't go, as he started complaining that his tummy hurt just before they left, which was a bit concerning. But then he mentioned that he had eaten too much lunch, so we guessed the walk to the cinema might solve the problem. Hopefully that is all it is, and he'll e fine tomorrow too.

Aggie collected the girls on his way home from work. LMB walked in th door, immediately said her mouth hurt & took herself off to bed. She was fast asleep within 2 minutes, poor thing, so it looks like she may have a bug too:-(

In fact the only person who is apparently perfectly healthy here is Aggie, who recieved a letter from work today saying that he was not eligable for ill-health retirement because:

he is "currently unfit for work" and " spontaneous improvement appears unlikely", his condition is "chronic and impairs normal day to day activity" there is "reasonable medical evidence that [Aggie] is prevented from discharging his duties" and "the prognosis is guarded with regards him recovering sufficently or long enough to reliably return to work"

Oh yes, and the report from his GP did not specifically say he is unable to work. That is because the report was written by the lead GP at the surgery who has seen Aggie once in five years, and has no knwledge of his condition, treatments or prognosis. He was also, apparently, unable to walk into th next door office and ASK aggie's actual GP for his opinion.

Aggie spoke to his GP tonight, who apologised, and agreed to re-write the GP's report if we can get permission from the practise manager to allow him to do so. That practise manager does not know what is going to hit him!

we will be appealing the decision, on the basis of new medical evidence from Aggies GP.

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