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Sunday, February 04, 2007

How rude!

LMD's birthday party went well. NONE of the eight nursery children came, and NONE of them bothered to let me know *frown*. Fortunately two out of the three playgroup children did turn up (and let me know they were doing so in advance) so with them, LMD, LMB Mstr A and Cousin G there were enough kids:-). LMD had fun, and ate an awful lot of sweet stuff and chocolate cake:-)

Mstr A was a bit out of place. I think next year I'll have to find somewhere to send him during the girls parties.

UPDATE 1pm: One parent from nursey just turned up with present in hand apologising that her daughter was ill yeterday. It was nice of her to pop round & let me know, but I'm still confused why she couldn't phone at any time over the past two weeks!

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