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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Giving up and cashing in

OK, I have given up trying to pretend I can stay in bed till 7am each morning. Not only does it mean I don't really have time to get all three kids up, fed, washed, dressed, packed and sorted for school by the time we have to leave at 8.10, but I rarely even manage to stay in bed that long as the kids wake when Aggie goes out at 6.30, and I just get cross thinking that I am being woken early! So I have decided that I might as well accept the inevitable & set the alarm for 6.30 each morning:-( Still, I have to say, I even had time for a shower this morning:-)

I am cahing in on all the stuff we have taking up space in the house, as I have finally got around to advertising the big things in the local free-ads mag. The travel cot was snapped up a couple of days ago, and today someone came for the enormous rocking feeding chair I had in LMD' room. It was dead comfy, & I had wanted to keep it, but it is just so big it's not practicable now:-( Still, the money is nice, and it means I can start looking for a bed for LMD now there is space for it in her bedroom! - which will mean i can sell her cot early next year. Hurrah! No more baby things!

I'm still hoping to sell a few more things - the double buggy is pretty bulky, and the very expensive but no longer required bike trailer the insurance stumped up for will bring in a good amount (hopefull). Next i have to sort out all the baby clothes & freecycle them. I've already got rid of a load of stuff that wasn't saleable (or, like clothes, not worth the effort of marketing) there. I'm hoping I'll get known enough on there that i can start to ask for stuff - a slow cooker sounds like a good idea right now!


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