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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

This is good - isn't it?

So the Americans have actualy realised that Bush is not a good idea, and mananged to make it to the polls yesterday to show their disatisfaction by voting in a Democrat House.

Not alot of surprise there really - Every gov't has lost seats during a mid-term (except one I think)! But it was good to see that turn-out was higher than the usual 40%. Considering the US sems to feel that democracy is soooo good they have to force it on the rest of the world, wanted or ot, you'd think they'd actually take a bit more pride i having it? Although admittedly, the US version of democracy is particularly undemocratic!

Still, it was good to read that America has voted in their first Muslim congressman, and also their firt black Governer.


It's 2006 people! we elected black MP's in 1987, and have had a continous "black" presence in parliament since then. We elected a Muslim MP in 1996 - 10 years ago! Although to be honest, the religious affiliation of most of our MP's is neither known nor cared abou. We are more interested in what they stand for politically - which is surely what democracy is all about?

Considering the US still claims to be the land of opportunity to people of all creeds, colors (sic), and religions, I don't think these firsts are something they should be proud of. They should be ashamed that it has taken so long, and they are still so inherently racist that this is news!


  • At Thursday, November 09, 2006 9:34:00 am, Blogger RCA said…

    Now looks as if they've taken the Senate too. Rumsfield is gone.

    All change one can hope?

    And Hillary is looking to be a stronger candidate than ever for the presedential nomination in 2 years time

  • At Friday, November 10, 2006 2:07:00 pm, Blogger Vancouver Voyeur said…

    Trust me, most Americans are oblivious to any "firsts" and the fact that it's taken so long. We're also still trying to get a better balance of power in the House and Senate between men and women. Nancy Pelosi's new position as the first woman Speaker of the House took way too long in my opinion. She's an extremely liberal thinker so I'm hoping a lot of good social programs will come as a result of her in that position.

    My partner and I worked the polls on Tuesday (different locations) and at my polling place the Democrats turned out 3 to 1 over the Republicans. That's just unheard of! Also, what a lot of political pundits are saying and what I tend to agree with is that the U.S. voters didn't really vote "for" the Democrats so much as they did vote "against" the Republicans. We can only hope with control of the House and Senate now that the Democrats will grow some balls and do what's right for the Nation and not just the special interests that the Republicans have been catering to for the past 12 years.

  • At Friday, November 10, 2006 3:59:00 pm, Blogger kristal said…

    It's sad, really... Yesterday, my daughter was asking if it was possible to elect a woman or a minority or if that was against the 'rules'. Gulp!

    Michele sent me.

  • At Sunday, November 12, 2006 10:01:00 pm, Blogger Stephen (aka Q) said…

    Bush actually made gains in the midterm elections during his first term in office, after 9/11 made him a wartime President.

    As for the other stuff … it amazes me to see how recent a lot of these "firsts" were — first woman, first black, first Jew, first openly gay individual. The young generation has no idea it hasn't always been this way.

    And I think you're right, the Americans are still behind the rest of the West in this respect.

  • At Sunday, November 12, 2006 10:02:00 pm, Anonymous Stephen said…

    Damned blogger defaults me to "Q" each and every time I make a comment, unless I remember to change it. Grumble ….


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