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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

At last

Our new bikes were delivered today. Yay for insuarance! they were delivered in enormous boxes to my work, which caused absolute chaos as we unloaded them from a big truck & into my car. Lucky i've got a big car! The delivery driver didn't think they would fit, and left one box out, but with a bit of pushing & shoving i managed to get all three in:-) No room for children though - barely room for me!

I dropped them all off at home this evening and we've just finished putting them all together. Apparently I've shrunk by about a foot in the last month as the new bike is so big I can't even reach the saddle if I jump! It will be interesting trying to ride it with the girls on the back & stopping every couple of hundred metres while Mstr A looks at something interesting!

Aggie forgot to claim for sundries such as bike locks, lights, mudguards, a child seat, etc, so I won't be able to collect the kids from school until I get to a suitable shop at the weekend, but at least i can take them in the morning and get to work on time:-) Hopefully.


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