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Friday, November 10, 2006

Not nice!

It's not fair! I'm ill!

I've spent all morning in the bathroom, inbetween getting the kids up, fed, dressed, and preparing tonights supper. I thoguht I was going to make it to work & see how I coped once there, but by the time I made it to the girls nursery that was obviously & uncomfortably not going to be possible:-( I still had to take Mstr A to school & get back home which s really not alot of fun on the bike:-(

I'm not at all happy. Not only because it's just not nice, but also because in reality this is my first week at work - previously i was officially a temp, and last week I wasn't employed at all, and taking a day off sick in your first week does not look good! especially as I still havn't actually been offered the job!


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