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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Bright lights, cold rain & bloody beta!

It was Weston's carnival last night. We all got to leave work early as the road was being closed. Woo hoo! Unfortunately, as the carnival route passes along the end of our road, we don't have much choice but to go;-) So we bundled all the kids up, and trundled out there at 6.30pm to bag a good seat at the front - and we did have seats, our own, with Aggie waving his stick in people's faces to make them let us have the space to sit on them:-)

The floats actually started nearly on time this year! when the first one came past, LMD screamed & leapt into my lap & hid, but she was soon twisting round to check out what the bright light was, and by the time the second one appeared, she was watching & clapping. By the third, all three kids were dancing along to the music:-)

of course, with some 150ish floats to go past, it takes a while, and since it didn't start till 7.30, it meant they were all pretty tired today. The girls nursery expected it & made all the kids nap, but Mstr A just got into trouble at school:-( And they're being OFSTEDed this week too - oops! ah well, maybe it push along the Ed Psych referral which seems to be stymied at the moment!

We had a lovely freezing rain most of the day today. Mstr A just about made it to school as it started, leaving me to cycle all the way to work in the sleet. Then it was even nastier in the dark tonight when I went to fetch him. I really must buy myself some gloves and waterproofs!

Oh yes, and I have been trying to swap to Blogger Beta for weeks now. I've had the option up on my dashboard since the very beginning, bjt it wouldn't let me change because "one or more of my blogs is not suitable". As their help page states that "very large" blogs with "several thousend posts and comments" are not suitable, I'm baffled why mine isn't. Then last week they changed the dashboard again and put up a half page ad saying "change to beta now", so I thought I'd try again, but still no luck:-( Grrrrrr!


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