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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Take what you can get

We've been out tonight. We went out for a meal with Aggies little Eve buddies. I know, it's sad, but every now and then they do actually manage to leave their computers for a few hours and meet up to discuss Eve in person:-) There were about 25 guys there, not quite as nerdy as i was worrying they might be, but only 3 girls - who had all come along with a bloke. A few of the others had partners, but they refused to come out to the meet. I reckon they've kind of missed the point! Even if you destest everything about the game, you may as well get some of the social action when it's available!
Nanny A babysat for the evening, and as she's staying the night we didn't have any worries about time, so got to spend all evening happily chatting (I didn't understand most of what they said though) and eating. Tomorrow they're having a BBQ (I know - it's November), so we're heading over to Bath at lunchtime with the kids to scare the nerds a bit more:-)
This morning we went shopping in town. I finally bought some new boots:-) We also saw loads of things the kids want for Xmas, so I have to go back on Monday to buy it all!
I'm still not feeling great - I spent a couple of hours in bed this afternoon, which helped a bit, but I've still got a really sore throat and the cough seems to have no intention of ever leaving me:-( But at least I can get out and do things again!


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