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Sunday, November 05, 2006


We all went out to a little restuarant in Padstow on Friday evening for a meal to celebrate CQ's birthday. We've been to this place before - it's nice enough food, especially the seafood, although a bit pricey for what you get imo, however, they do a fantastic selection of desserts. Hot desserts, cold desserts, traditional puddings & fashionable sweets, they have them all - and all home made & and on display to tempt even the hardiest dieter:-) Placed in pride of place, right in front of the main entrance & therefore directly next to our table, is a large cake cabinet, displaying their very best & yummiest creations.

With 11 picky people to feed, it naturally took a while, and we ate & drank leisurely, so the kids soon finished their pasta & started to get bored. Clever CQ had foreseen this possibility, and brought along some colouring in for the three children, which LMB & Mstr A happily got on with, but LMD soon tired of this pastime and asked politely (for a baby) to get down & stretch her legs. I put her down on the floor & went back to my meal.

The next we saw of her was her little face peering over the edge of the cake cabinet & a plaintive cry of "caaa-aake" as she saw what was inside, followed by an excited babble of "cake, cake, cake, cake...." as she pointed at each one in turn eagerly expecting to be able to grab a handful.

It was incredibly funny to watch - and went on for some time. But poor LMD didn't even get to eat any of the gorgeous cakes there (at £4.50 a slice, I'm not wasting it on a 20 month old!).

So taday we kindly took her to pizzahut (there's no food in the house anyway), and allowed her the much saught after cake for dessert. She prefaced each mouthful with "caaa-aake" and added "yum" after swallowing every spoonful:-)


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