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Monday, October 02, 2006

Working 9-5

It's My First day! I wailed as stroppy client flounced off 10 seconds after I inform her that her package isn't ready for her, and perhaps she could collect it tomorrow.

Well, actually, I didn't. But I did think it;-) Stroppy client apparently needed said package by the end of the day, so I'm not sure where flouncing out in a huff got her. I did offer that if she took a seat for 5 minutes I would immediately get it sorted, but that was just not good enough. Like I care. It's my first day of a three week job. Up yours missus!

Mostly the day was incredibly boring really. At least stroppy client livened the day up a bit:-) I spent most of the day audio-typing. something I've never done before, but once I discovered the foot pedal (rather than reaching across the desk to the machine 10 times a minute) I got on fine with it. My two-finger typing speed is 50wpm, so it's not bad, even if it looks rubbish! When i did a lot of typing it went up to nearly 60wpm, which is why I never learned to touch type - even Pitmans agreed it was a waste of time for me.

the problem with audio typing is that you can't talk while doing it. typing is pretty boring - we need to gossip to make it interesting:-) Still, there was only one other person in the office most of the day (the solicitor turned up half way through the day & secreted himself in his office, so doesn't count anyay).

Then, at about 4pm, I finished all the backlog (117 case notes) of audio typing from the previous solicitor (who retired on Friday), and was given a tape from cover solicitor. OH MY GOD! was it a different kettle of fish or what? Old solicitor (joined straight from qualifying & stayed in same compny & same office for th next 45 years!) prefaced each speech with th name of the case, dictated slowly and carefully, and said whn he was at the end of a segment. new solicitor mumbled, shuffled papers at the same time as talking, didn't name the case (I'm psychic, didn't you know!), and din't dictate, just said things like "letter for cheque for £56.oo", which meant I spent the final hour finding the case file, reading through it, working out where the case was, why the money was requested, and working out how to word the letter. It wasn't written by the time I finished!

I think secretarial work i not really for me:-) But it will be dead useful for the three weeks. It's a quiet office (the other secretary moaned about the workload, but I didn't see it!), and I'll have a chance to get to grips with the procedures and company ethos before being thrown into the very busy Weston office doing real law!

Oh, and I would just like to say - I haven't worked 9-5 for 10 years, and I haven't worked on Friday for 91/2! How am I going to get everything done? *gulp* still, I did manage to stop off on the way home & sort out Mstr A's after school club, so that's one less thing to worry about.

And finally, I have to say thanks and well done to Nanny A, who turned up at 8am this morning, traipsed around with all the kids, sorting out all the various school runs, feeding them all day, and keeping them occupied until i made it home at nearly 6pm. She get half the day off tomorrow as the girls try out all day-care and Mstr A starts after-school club:-)


  • At Tuesday, October 03, 2006 9:06:00 pm, Blogger Vancouver Voyeur said…

    Wow, what a lazy solicitor! Our partners dictate word for word every letter. I do all my own because the secretaries never get to my work in a timely manner. The partners get first priority. Oh well, it's not so bad being on the bottom of the totem pole. Good luck with the job!


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