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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The trouble with men

is that they have no initiative! Aggie will follow instructions, but I do have to give those instructions in clear simple plain english.

I slept downstairs again last night - if I lie flat I immediately start coughing non stop as I can not breathe properly, so it's easier all round to sleep sitting up on the sofa. Unfortunately, it does mean don't get loads of sleep, but at least everyone else in the house does. When Aggie came down this morning he asked how I was feeling & i said awful. He also moaned & groaned a bit, so i suggested he stay at home. I think my exact words were "you don't have to go to work today". He went to work.

i struggled through getting the kids fed , washed & dressed, and sent Mstr A off to school, then collapsed on the sofa again unable to breathe, move or stand up. A Dora DVD saved the girls from killing themselves/each other for a couple of hours, by which time I was feeling even worse. I called Aggie & told him to come home. If i can't stand up unaided, there is no way I am going to be able to cycle LMB to school & back!

He came home, I went to bed. I got p again to calm LMB down from a screaming fit about something. He took LMB to school (leaving LMD with me), came home & put LMD down fo a nap, then I assume he played on the computer all afternoon. He certainly didn't clear the lunch plates away, tidy up, vacuum, do any laundry, run the dishwasher, or do any of the things that needed to be done.

He's fine as a babysitter - but what I really needed was someone to cover my job for a couple of days. *sigh* He will moan that the place is a mess each evening, but obviously the thought of tidying it up hasn't occured to him!

I'm making him stay home tomorrow too. I need to just sleep - dozing on the sofa or catching an hour's nap while LMD is asleep isn't going to be enough to kick this infection. Hopefully a day in bed & the anti-biotics will get me on my feet again. I have to see Mstr A's teacher tomorrow (I can't postpone it again!), and I have to at least turn up at college otherwise I'm going to lose my place!

Oh yes - please go and enter my competition for a snap band on the post below - I've only had one response! That will never get me more freebies!!!


  • At Tuesday, September 19, 2006 10:30:00 pm, Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said…

    I hope you will be feeling better very very soon, my dear..So sorry you are sick like this...THAT is no fun, at all.

    And it was good of you to come on by..Thank you so very much for your lovely comment...I dearly appreciate it more than I can say.

    I hope you will be able to breath better, post haste!

  • At Wednesday, September 20, 2006 1:30:00 pm, Blogger Vancouver Voyeur said…

    Oh I'm so sorry you're still so under the weather! I know how miserable and exhausting that must be. Sleep really is the best way to get through it. Ignore the housework, it will only stress you and make your recovery time longer. Don't worry, as soon as there are no clean plates left to eat off or clean clothes to put on, hubby will either clean up or buy more of whatever isn't clean. :-)

  • At Friday, September 22, 2006 2:38:00 am, Anonymous ~ Stacy ~ said…

    Oh, Mrs. A, if only I lived near... I would come over every day (while my munchkins were in school) and take care of the tidying up while you rested. I wish you had someone near and dear that could help you out until you regain your health. I know what it's like to be horribly ill, yet still have to take care of family and home. I'm sorry that you're having a rough go of it lately.


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