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Friday, September 22, 2006

Almost alive

It's been a pretty horrendous week. I was really, really ill:-( After I called Aggie home on Tuesday, I took myself to bed, and barely got up agin until this morning! Aggie's had to take the whole week off, which I know was really bad timing for him, but I couldn't stand up, I couldn't even stay awake for more than 30 mins at a time, and I didn't even have the energy to care what the kids were getting uo to let alone do anything about it!

Fortunately the antibiotics are starting to kick in now, and I felt well enough to actually get up and dressed this morning. I've made it through the day with only two short naps, and I'm hoping to stay up long enough to reset my body clock into day & night!

I've got a course to teach in London on Sunday morning and I absolutely have to make it - we really need the money, and when you're self employed phoning in sick is not much of an option. It would probably cost me more that I got paid to hire in a replacement tutor - if I could find one willing to work a Sunday morning! I was starting to be really concerned about it - but today has made me feel that it will be do-able. Hard work, but do-able. I'm going to travel up tomorrow afternoon & stay at my mothers so there won't be too much on one day for me.

After Tuesday's babysitting day, Aggie did start to do alot more around the house. His excuse is that he had a headache on Tuesday;-) But since then he has managed to keep the kitchen & front room clean & tidy, and even put a load of laundry on when asked! He's done pretty much all of the school runs in the car though *shakes head sadly in disgust*

Good news!

We got a new mattress for LMB from freecycle! So she's back in her own bed in her own room. Hurrah!

I was rudely awakened from my np this afternoon by a phone call from a local solicitors, who want me to come to interview on Monday for a job! Yay me! Writing all those on spec letters was worthwhile after all:-)

Nanny A came over today and gave the downstairs a damn good scrubbing. She's so good like that:-) The house gets pretty dirty normally with my desultary efforts at housework, but she really had her work cut out for her today as I haven't done anything at all for the past couple of weeks!


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