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Sunday, September 24, 2006

I'm famous, me!

This blog was featured in the magazine of the Bristol Evening Post yesterday! That's like a real local paper - the Bristolian equivilent of the Evening Standard in London! I'm still not sure why it was chosen, but it's kind of nice that it was:-) Although my stats haven't changed one iota, so fame obviously isn't all it's cracked up to be;-) Still, when they suggested using a model in the picture, I was hoping for a whimsical Anjelina Jolie, but sadly what I got was a frumpy windswept mumsy type:-( Ho hum!

I made it to London yesterday - just. I arrived at 4pm & fell into bed. My mother arrived home at 6pm & dragged me up and out for supper, which did help a bit, but I still gave up even pretending to be Ok at 9pm & went back to bed. Apparently my mother is very worried about me. Not worried enough to take some time off work & visit, obviously, but very worried all the same. Humph!

The course this morning went well - a few coughing attacks, but we all survived! But driving home afterwards was a nightmare. I had to come right accross south London - which is never fun, and certainly not on a Saturday afternoon, with a headache, cough & tired anyway. As soon as I reached the M4 I stopped at Heston services & crashed out for an hour. Then I stopped again for 15 mins at Reading, for supper & a nap at Membury & for a quick break at Leigh Delamare - where I picked up a couple of hitch-hikers to keep me awake & alert for the final stretch home. I did go through all the services on the way there too, but hitch-hikers are thin on the ground nowadays. I think it's a sad thing to lose - I spent many years hitching around the world - I met fantastic people, saw places that I could never have seen otherwise, and learned alot about people & the country in the process.


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