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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I finally made it to college tonight - the term started three weeks ago, and I was starting to get a bit panicy about catching up on all the work!

I arrived bit early & went to see my tutor, to say hi, I'm joining in tonight & can I have any notes and stuff. Despite the fact that I had phoned the college twice and emailed once, he hadn't recieved any messages about why I hadn't turned up & had removed me from the register! But fortunately he was happy enough to put me back on:-) Although it means there was no ILEX membership form for me (I MUST be a member by the end of Oct apparently to enrol on this years exam's), or a manual, or anything like that!

then he pointed out that all the stuff I had missed was on the process of law, which a) I had covered last year (and 15 years ago), and b) because I got three distinctions on my course last year, I am exempt from doing this whole module. I actually don't need to turn up until after Xmas:-)


Although since we're starting criminl law next week, which I didn't do last year, I don't get how come I'm exempt from that one, but who am I to argue?

I will keep going this term - it will be good revision, get me into the swing of things, and let me meet some of the other students, but I'm relieved to know that three weeks off won't effect my exams in any way whatsoever!


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