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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Running hot and cold

I'v always been very cold person. Not emotionally (although I'm hardly the most open person in the world), but physically, I've always felt the cold. I'm the type of person who wears winter coats in July, and thinks that holiday destinations where the average tempreture is 40° sounds like heaven. I have numerous duvets hidden around the house for those cold summer evenings, so i can snuggle up while watching TV - or even while sitting outside enjoying a post BBQ drink & chat;-)

Aggie is a very hot person. He always has been, and his psoriasis makes him worse. He thinks that shorts and t-shirt are perfectly acceptable outdoors clothes - in the snow! He actually radiates heat like a little fire, and does a good job of keeping me warm when we snuggle up together.

Lately though, I've suddenly become a hot person. I have no idea how or why, but I feel hot all the time. I've taken my tempreture, and although it now sits at the top end of normal, whereas before it was always at the bottom end, it IS still normal, so what's brought about this change? I don't like it much. It's much easier to get warm by putting on jumpers or snuggling under duvets than it is to cool down. Showers and fans only work for short periods:-(

I could understand if it were hot flushes. OK, I'm a bit young, but at least it would make sense. How can my core tempreture just suddenly change like that without warning? And will it return some time? I don't think much of this waking up sweaty lark! Now the autumn is here, I'm going to have to find our summer duvet!!!


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