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Friday, August 18, 2006

Almost certainly a bad idea!

We have a new lap-top. Horay! Although I'm a bit concerned about it tbh - I let Aggie go and "look" at what one would cost on his own last night. He phoned to say he's found a lovely one and it's in the sale, can he buy it? I specified an upper limit for the monthly repayments, but failed to dictate an upper limit for the whole computer, as we'd agreed, we didn't need anything too exciting - just enough to run email & internet, and maybe powerpoint if possible.

So he comes home with a £900 HD dual processing piece of brand new technology, with seperate graphics card so he can play games! It's very nice and all, and yes, it is only £25 per month, but........

It also means we will almost certainly still be payimng form it long after he has decided that it's out of date and he needs a new one. Hmpfff! He's stuck with it for at least 4 years now:-)

Oh well. It is nice. And it means all the other computers get to shift down to the next person in line now:-) I get the old lap-top (if and when it gets fixed), LMB gets Mstr A's old desk-top, which is good cos she keeps using it and there have been some arguments, and Mstr A gets the lap-top we aquired a couple of weeks ago - when Aggie configures it. Hopefully, when LMD wants to start using the computer properly in a few months she'll share with LMB (yeah right!).

Although I've just joined Freecycle - something I've been meaning to do for ages, and stuff comes up on there quite regularly, so maybe we'll get the really old desktop working again for LMD?


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