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Saturday, August 19, 2006


It's BBQ time at castle Aginoth:-)

We usually do a few BBQ's during the summer, but this year has been pretty busy re-enactment wise, and we've been particularly broke, so this is going to be the one and only. We always do one on this weekend as it is the "between birthday BBQ" The kids are getting too old to want a bunch of oldies hanging around their parties anymore, so it's a good excuse to have an extra party where we get to invite who we want:-0

Most of the crazies are coming (RCA is standing us up for a night with the Rolling Stones and her beloved. Pretty poor if you ask me*grin*), a bunch of re-enactors, and some people from a couple of playgroups, plus a couple of old friends & relatives, so it'll be interesting to see how they all mix.

I've bought loads of sausages, burgers, & accessories. Aggie's cut the grass & readied the two BBQ's (one meat, one veggie). There's music blaring out accross the garden. I've got beer in the fridge, wine, pop & juices galore. The kids have kind of tidied away many of their garden toys. Now we just have to tidy the house a little bit, and statrt drinking:-)

Oh, it's forecst to rain again today, but we're using the power of positive thinking (or studiously ignoring it) to keep that away. Although we have hedged our bets by putting the gazebo up over the BBQ's:-)


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