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Saturday, September 02, 2006

It's party time!

We're throwing LMB a birthday party today. Well, kind of:-) Cousin G is here for the weekend & a friend with 3 kids is coming over at lunch-time. Maybe one or two others, but they haven't replied to the invitation so I doubt it. I'll pop over to Tesco's and buy some crisps & cakes & stuff (yes, I know I could make cakes much cheaper, but I haven't!), and maybe I'll manage a pass the parcel present.

I'm feeling a little guilty that i haven't really sorted out a proper party - when Mstr A turned three we had 30 kids, a bouncy castle, hours of activities organised, and all the crazies round to be pary facilitators (they had a water-pistol fight). But then again, I'm sure LMB will enjoy herself just as much, and tbh we don't have the money or the inclination to do all that again this year. Next year we'll have to put more effort in, but she barely knows what a birthday is atm.

Anyway, it does mean that it should be reasonable relaxed today. Nanny A came over yesterday to "help" tidy up (that means she did it, & I made some desultary efforts to pick up all the toys!). Sister S arrived around lunch-time, which gave us plenty of time to talk (well, moan about men & families), and we spent a nice evening once the kids were all asleep, chatting, drinking (only a little - life isn't what it used to be when you know you have to get up & watch 4 kids at 7am), and watching Pirates of the Carribean - which she hadn't seen!

She and Aggie are still in bed (aren't I nice?).

I guess I'd best get on with breakfasts and such like *sigh*.


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