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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Way-Hey Mstr A!

It's been a day of Getting Things Done around here. It seems a bit of a waste of a beautiful day in the summer holidays, with both parents around to have fun, but then again, things really did need doing! So today we have put new tyres on the car, taxed and MOT'd it. We have complained about being sold a leaky pot. We have tried to discover why our bathroom floor (YES the one I've only just laid!!!) was soaking we while we were away. I have finally been to the Dr and got some antibiotics for a urinary infection I've been trying to pretend will go away for the last week. Aggie has got his expensive new drugs, and been taught how to inject them by a nice nurse (not that much different to injecting insulin really - but bigger needles). I found another couple of jobs to apply for.

Oh yes, and Mstr A learned to ride his bike. I took him over to the local car park, and stuffed him into helmet, knee pads and elbow pads, then braced myself for an afternoon of screams, tears and blood, just to watch him pick it up pretty much immediately! No falling off required! He had a bit of a crying moment when I insisted he tried turning corners (well, bends), but basically, within an hour he could start, stop, ride forwards and round bends, and even rode most of the way home alone. I know he's almost 6, but I was expecting alot more drama:-) I remember my first attempts, and have since taught four younger siblings and a couple of friends to ride, and all of them were harder worjk. Yay Mstr A!

We're going to have another practise tomorrow, but I think he'll be a biker in no time;-) Now just to sort out LMB a bike, and we'll be ready for school.


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