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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

it's all going well

So far!

We made it here without incident. All the kids were really well behaved on the train - and even on the tube despite the raging temperature:-) Mstr A had a fantastic time learning to read the tube map and telling the whole carrige about the different lines, which station would be next, where you could change and where we were going:-) My mother met us at the station and we took a bus the last couple of miles to her house. ~I would have walked personally, but she thought it needed a bus - that's because it's free for her;-) By this time LMD was getting a bit clingy, so I held her, my bag, and the pram on the bus and left my mother to keep an eye on the two older ones. It was only four stops after all! When we got off the bus at her stop, unfolded the pram, sorted out LMD, put all the bags back on it & made the bigger ones hold on, I looked down and asked, "where are their bags?" and watched in dismay as the bus went speeding round the corner away from us!

So a quick jog to Grandma's house, where she jumps in her car and goes haring off after the bus to collect said bags, leaving me to sort out all the kids, bags, food etc.

She caught the bus at the station & returned with both bags, so alls well that ends well. But I managed three trains,, four hours, and three kids on my own without mishap. I let her take charge of two children and two bags on one bus, and she fails. Oh well:-)

Anyway, we had a nice afternoon/evening. She even commented on how nice and well behaved Mstr A was! Now if only she's stop coming in and spying on what I'm doing on her computer, we might get along well for the week;-)


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