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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

we're baaack

we made it through the weekend, and back into the 21st century. You'll never know how nice cotton socks are until you've walked a dozen miles barefoot / in soft leather shoes!

Caerphilly is a big castle, but like all good defences, there are no large open areas within the walls, so we pitched the tents immediately inside the first walls, but had the living history display set up right within the inner courtyard. This meant that every time we wanted something from the tent, we had to walk across the courtyard, over the moat & down the outer defence yard, over the second inner wall, and right down the the outer wall! collct the thing/change a nappy/check the time etc, then walk all the way back again. For me, most of those walks were carrying at least one child, usually two.

I ache!!!!!

The weather stayed dry all weekend. Horay. i don't think that's ever happened at an easter event before!

The kids looked dead cute in their clothes - even though I didn't get them all completely finished in time, they had enough to wear. And we are only peasants after all. They didn't have to be the greatest quality:-) I've got a few adjustments to make to my dress (more button holes - goodie), and the kirtle's to get finished for next event (2 weeks time) so the sewing isn't done yet:-( But at last I've got a bit more time now.

Aggie was delighted that his first attempt at soap making appeared to work (we wont know for absolutely sure for a couple of weeks). He has posted some pictures on his blog here. I spent most of my time chasing three kids, but have offered to do a food talk/display next event, which is more fun:-)

Now it's a day of washing, tidying, clearing up & getting ready for real-life to re-start! Mstr A is back to school tomorrow, and hopefully I'll be able to write half a dozen essays before college re-starts on friday!


  • At Tuesday, April 18, 2006 1:35:00 pm, Blogger Vancouver Voyeur said…

    Where do you get the energy to do all that? I'm very impressed. Do post photos, I'd love to see all your outfits. Oh, and I remember the days of lugging small children. I used to get very sweaty on the inside of my elbow from carrying a hot child, and my arm would be so stressed from carrying the little one that it would be difficult to stretch my arm out afterwards. So glad they're older and can carry themselves where they need to go. :-)


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