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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

HAH! (Updated)

take that idiot Sedgemoor Council! Now we're getting somewhere.

We had a 3/4 page spread in the Daily Mail today. not my personal choice of news reading matter, but a real national paper without a doubt. Aggies posted the whole article into his blog here if you want to go have a look. I have to say, I didn't say a number of the quotes, and I find it hilarious that they translated all my metric measurements into imperial!, but they got the main gist of it right.

apparently LBC have been putting it into their hourly news bulletins all day too, but I've yet to check this one out.

Also The Wright Stuff on Channel 5 apparently ran the story this morning. They didn't bother to contact me, so I didn't see it! Did anyone else?

Thames TV phoned me last night, so that may go somewhere, but more importantly, finally the BBC has responded. They will be doing a report on tomorrow's local news. But here's a bit from their website-)

Somehow, i get the feeling that mr duty manager may have a little bit of explaining to do. I did tell him that I would do this at the time & asked if he wished to discuss the matter with his superiors, but oh no, he knew best!

Nothing from the MP's yet though *frown* I must chase this up. Although the head of the right to swim campaign has given me a few extra MP's to contact too:-)

In other news, i have spent the day at nanny'A's, wishing her a happy birthday & trying desperately to sew four sets of medieval clothes. They're not done yet:-( But we're getting there slowly:-)


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