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Monday, April 10, 2006


We missed our big TV debut:-(

The ITV news thing was postponed till today, because of it being Brunel's 200th birthday & so all the news was plastered with the celebrations. Which was good, because we were away on Friday, so wouldn't have caught the local news.

However, apparently they did a thing on the lunchtime news too, because by the time I got home mid-afternoon, the phone didn't stop ringing! Yay me - GMTV called & hopefully I get to sit on a sofa on national TV next week some time:-) Also South west News called & did a phone interview & asked for a photoshoot. i suggested tomorrow morning, but they were really keen to get it done tonight, so I said OK for 5.30pm, assuming it would be like last time - 5mins of photo's in the garden & a quick note of how to spell our names.

%.30 turned up & the photographer asked if he could take the pictures at sedgemoor splash - so we all had to drive down there, get permission to take pictures inside, have the pictures done & come back. ITV news goes out at 6pm! DOH!

Oh well, Nanny A video'd it. Apparently it was one of the top stories, with a discussion/phone in thingy too. I'll try & get a copy & post it here if possible. One of the national newspapers is apparently interested too:-)

That'll teach them to tell ME i can't go swimming! ME! HUH!

i am so going to win this one - eventually.


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