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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thoughtful thursday

We all had our photo's taken this morning - holding our towels and looking "glum":-)

I expect the story will go out tomorrow, but who knows?

LMB seems to have finally understood the concept of colours, and is pretty good at them now. except that she doesn't believe in red - that's pink to her, and orange & green are back to front - I'm sure she does that one deliberately to annoy me!

She also seems to have learned all of her letters now, with only minimal input from me. It's great having a computer game & big brother to do all my work for me;-) She now wanders around shops pointing every advert and yelling out "I can see a N for Nanny. And another one! And a B for Baby....." etc

Her first love is art though. She adores drawing, painting, sticking and anything arty and will indulge whenever there is the opportunity. Yesterday she drew a picture of mummy & daddy - the first time it's been anything other than "a picture" - and it was kind of person-shaped! A circle with lines coming out of it anyway:-) Mstr A didn't even understand that drawings could represent something until he was about 4!

Mstr A is following in daddy's footsteps and becoming a computer game addict (I'm currently an EVE widdow again!). He thinks it's more important than eating, playing outside or reading a book at the moment, so we are having a few disagreements. However, I have to say, these are far more manageable than they used to be. I'm not sure if it's me or him who have changed. Probably a bit of both:-) But I can usually stop him playing with only a short outburst to contend with. and sometimes none!

He's currently fascinated by the idea of germs. That's a fun thing to discuss wsith a 5 year old!

I'm trying to decide if and how I should discuss his differences with him. I know it has to be done at some time, but I'm not sure if he is able to understand that different doesn't mean wrong. Equally, I'm sure he listens in to far more of our conversations than we think sometimes, and I don't want him misconstruing what he hears.

LMD is not very well atm. Having avoided the sickness bug that hit the rest of the family a few weeks ago, she spent yesterday either sleeping or puking & today either sleeping or grisling.

I had a successful meeting with surestart yesterday & they should be able to put a few courses my way. which is good, cos we're rapidly running out of money:-(


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