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Thursday, April 20, 2006


LMD is nearly 15 months old already! How did that happen?

LMD was born when LMB was 16 months old. I must have been completely out of my mind!

She has taken to sleeping in in the mornings recently, which would be fantastic if she were an only child, but sadly I have to go & wake her up at 8am to get ready to take Mstr A to school. Why he can't take himself is quite beyond me - I did at his age! He went through a stage of sleeping in the mornings too, but had to be woken to go to nursery while i trundled off to work, but at least I got the occasional lie-in on my days off.

I miss having days off.

By sleeping in, LMD is even less willing to take a daytime nap than she used to be (and she never liked it much!). I really want her to keep this for another few months at least, and she definitely needs it, but I just don't have the energy to fight her every day atm. I'll have to try next week when everything is properly back to normal, because I know it will make life better for everyone in the long run.

She screamed for over an hour yesterday. that horrible, I'm in agony, arched back, don't touch me scream. I have no idea what it was about, but nothing I did made it any better. Neither of the others ever did that - if they screamed, mummy could nearly always make it better, or at least cuddles them off to sleep. I did finally get her off for about 20 mins when Aggie got home, but the episode completely exhausted me. I know i don't have "good" babies, but thankfully I've not had to deal with croup, colic, major injuries, illnesses or conditions & have little experience of crying babies.

She's very nearly got another tooth (ooooh, 5 teeth at 15 months!) so I'm hoping it was that and when it is properly through she'll be her normal happy & shouty self.

BTW, today is your last chance to see my current tenant, Cheeks & Paste & Digby. Quick go now or forever miss out!


  • At Thursday, April 20, 2006 1:04:00 pm, Blogger Vancouver Voyeur said…

    I got lucky and had a "good" baby the first time around. Which easily talked me into having a second, the baby from hell! ;-) I love both of my children dearly, but my second screamed incessantly, cried and only slept for 15-30 minutes at a time for the first year. Every doctor I took him to said nothing was wrong with him, he just had colic. I didn't find out until years later that he had a sleep disorder. How did I find out? After his continual sleep walking, injuries in the night that didn't wake him and the final straw, throwing up multiple times in one night without waking up, even when he was choking on his vomit, doctors started taking me seriously that something was wrong. Finally an expert at a sleep disorders clinic diagnosed him, at age 9! Don't know why I'm sharing all this, just the cranky child reminded me. Hopefully she'll be sweet and smiling again soon!

  • At Thursday, April 20, 2006 1:46:00 pm, Anonymous Nanny A said…

    My sleepless monster came firstwouldnt eat wouldnt sleep, cried all the time day and night -guess who?-Aggie of course,then came the perfect child, for the first 9 months eat and slept and everything else was by the book.Im sure he read it in a past life. Then I had the child from hell (whom I love very much bye the way)he could vomit for europe.still can when he's had a few drinks.But they all grew up. sleepless monster now has 3 of his own.(to me there perfect.)Perfect son has 2 perfect (i dont think so) of his own and im still suck with the child from hell.(one broken engaement behind him ).(perhaps I should have my own bloke)


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