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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I'm famous, me..

Well, interview no. one with the local radio station successfully completed:-)

I basically said all the stuff about the stupidity of blanket bans, that it is against the professional association & HSE guidelines & Health & Safety law, that the council was discriminating against half it's population, & flying in the face of government policies on health, education, sport, local authority responsibilities, social awareness and crime reduction, and that a manager with no discretion to make his own decisions is no manager.

They said, "but it's our policy, and it is absolute in every situation"

Well, that should do the trick then. I'll just go home and shut up now shall i?


Smug mode turned on........

When I got home there was a message from ITV - the reporter was horrified, aghast & plainly seething just from my letter. He's on holiday this week, but has asked that I phone him back tonight to arrange a TV interview (with cute children - it always helps). He has 4 kids himself & did not sound impressed by Sedemoor's council's lunacy.

I haven't been on TV before (well, maybe a couple of crowd shots in my youth, but I'm not sure they count). It should be fun - and of course is far more high profile than local radio:-)

Anyway, if you want to hear me on the radio, I'm on at 7.05 am tomorrow morning, with a discussion programme starting at 8.05am, on Somerset Sound, 1566 am/mw. I'll let you know about the telly as and when.


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