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Monday, April 03, 2006

Yay me!

Two pieces of good news for me today:

1. Sure Start finally got back to me re doing some work for them. I have a meeting on Wednesday afternoon, which I'm hopeful may throw a fair bit of work my way - and all local stuff which will be even better. Nothings confirmed yet, but hopefully it'll mean we'll be able to eat for the next few months!

2. I got the first result from my Sedgemoor Splash Letter. BBC Somerset Sound phoned to say they are really interested in following the story & are going to arrange an interview with me & the pool manager, with the expectation that we will all go for a swim at the end:-) The power of the media:-) No reply from the pool or council yet though!

Oh yes, and Mstr A behaved fantastically at playgroup this morning - possibly because there were no other bigger boys for him to fail to play with:-) but whatever, he played happily and quietly alongside all the little ones, without any problems. Hurrah.


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