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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Why do they do it?

I've been working again today (yay!)

I was running a shoet course for a sports centre in Camden, starting at 9.30am. OK, I know that London is a city, and has a traffic problem, it's the rush hour, and all that, so I checked it out first - it was exactly 10 miles from my mother's front door to the sports centre car park.

I left at 8am, thinking that would give me plenty of time, even if I got a bit lost/had to spend time looking for a parking space.

I arrived at 9.23am. Thats 83 minutes to travel 10.1 miles! WTF?

The many other veicles I spend time sitting next to were mostly commuters - with a few school run's & commercial vans thrown in for good measure. These people must do that EVERY DAY!! You could cycle there quicker. Even with the awful state of the tubes, you could get the train quicker. You could probably jog there quicker!

And they all drove like miserable, arrogant, selfish idiots!

WHY would you do that to yourself every day.

C'mon people. Move!

Anyway, the course went well. My mother survived the kids (and the kids survived my mother). I had a good chat with sister S. My miserable cousin who snubs me (and everyone else in the family) had a baby, which they gave a ridiculous name, poor thing. i managed to escape just before the desire to strangle my mother became overwhelming:-)

I was going to take some photo's of London for your delectation, but my phone ran out of charge, and I forgot the charger - oops! Maybe next time.


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