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Friday, March 31, 2006

Frivolous friday

I know, I haven't been posting as regularly as usual. I did think of a really good thing to post about yesterday, and immediately sat at the computer, and by the time I'd logged in, i'd completely forgotton what I was going to blog about! Which pretty much sums up the state of my life at the moment. I'm feeling very inarticulate atm.

Anyway, I had a phone interview for a job yesterday, which I think went so/so. I'll have to wait and see if I get invited for a real interview or not. I'm actually settling into this sahm lark, but the money is not adding up, so i don't know how long we're going to be able to maintain it. But I think I really do need to start applying for jobs properly (rather than just sending my CV in to companies).

I sent my baby-sitting circle invite out to 60 children at Mstr A's school - and have had one reply! You'd have thought they'd all have jumped at the chance, especially as I'd mentioned it to a few mums before & they all said how great it would be! Huh!

College again this morning - although we all got let out early as it's nearly easter:-) We had another mock exam today - i got 33/40 this time. Even better than last week (and second week running as top of the class) Yay me. But I didn't write any assignments last week, so I'm still behind on those:-(

I ripped an enormous hole in the leg of my favourite trousers & pulled half my fingernail off trying to catch my bike when it fell over (not with me on it). But otherwise, it's been a sucessful day so far.

now I've got two and a half weeks of school holidays to get through. mstr A at home all day, the holiday season in full swing around the town & the weather forcast to be April - rain, cold, rain, wind, rain, sleet, rain and the occasional storm. whopee.


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