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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Lazy sunday - NOT!

I know that we used to have quiet, relaxing weekends....... but I really can't rememeber that little luxuary at all now:-(

I was rudely awakened by Mstr A at 6.30 this morning, when he decided he wanted a cuddle! Unfortunately, his curtains are not very effective, and he wakes at sunrise - which has not been particularly plasant for the past couple of weeks:-( despite the fact that he is perfectly able to tell the time, and knows that he is not to get up before 7am, he usually finds some pretext (like this mornings cuddle) to wake me up earlier. Aggie just grunts and goes back to sleep, but once I'm awake, that's it for quality sleep for me, even if i do stay in bed! We are definitely going to have to try to rig up some more suitble blinds in his room this summer!

I spent the first few hours finishing off LMD's re-enactment dress. This has been hand-made over the weekend, in our first foray into proper dress-making. For years i refused to even sew buttons on, and now i'm making complicated dresses from pure Linen! Aggie cut the pattern, and I sewed it - all by hand to be authentic! 14th century children apparently wore mini versions of adult clothes - which means LMD's dress is made of 12 seperate panals sewn together to produce a highly shaped ankle length dress. Unfortunately, we measured her a little too well, & I have a horrible feeling she is going to grow out of it within a week or so! All that work down the drain:-( we shall leave a lot more growing room in LMB's andd Mstr A's!

Each girl needs a linen underdress, and 2 woolen overdresses (one long-sleeved, one sleeveless), plus an apron-dress! Mstr A needs a shirt, tunic, brais (underwear), and hose. Ideally we want two sets for each child! I need the same as the girls. Aggie is fortunately fully equiped:-) Our first show is Easter weekend, and I'm working in London next weekend. Somehow, I don' t think we'll have it all done!

Then we took them off swimming again. No reply's from the letters yet, so back to our local(ish) pool in portishead. I forgot how busy it gets on a Sunday morning! When we got on poolside we were told they'd closed the small pool due to numbers. Why they couldn't have told us that before we paid & got them all changed is beyond me. I always did so when I was manager! So we went in the main pool for the first 30 mins. And you know what? None of the children drowned. We were perfectly able to hold three children with our four arms. They even got to do some proper swimming practise. well, whaddya know!

I'm off now to bathe all the beef cury off the girls & sew mstr A's tunic.

oooo, aint life exciting?


  • At Monday, April 03, 2006 4:39:00 pm, Blogger Vancouver Voyeur said…

    My kiddos (both of them!) would quietly come to my beside and then stand there silently staring at me until I would wake up. Of course I awoke with a start and a scream when I opened my eyes and saw two more at such close range peering into mine, at which point I'd have a toddler in tears from the fright. No matter how many times I told them not to do that, they would continue to do it. Finally they gave up waking me altogether and would just happily go about the house causing chaos and destruction until I heard a telltale noise of their activities.


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