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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

London, again

I'm up in good ol' London again, staying with my mother, as i have a job in camden tomorrow morning.

I've brought the girls with me. my mum will be looking after them for most of the day tomorrow, which i'm a bit worried about! But they're both mobile & vocal now. all she has to do is make sure they don't escape the house & feed them regularly. Hopefully they'll all survive intact:-)

Mstr A has stayed behind, as he has school. Nanny A is there tonight, to pick him up this afternoon & take him back in the morning. so i expect i'll have a lovely clean house when I get home:-0

On weds he's going to a friends house after school, till Aggie gets home.

it's all very complicated!

Anyway. nothing much to report today. I've photocopied loads of copies of my letter, so they can all go out now:-0 i'll just wait and see what happens now.

And for those of you who were worried, we did get to go swimming. we just had to turn around, drive all the way back up the motorway, past our house, and into Portishead, where we all went into the fun pool without even a comment being made!


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