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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

It pays to be lazy

It's been a quiet day today. Aggie went off to work at 6am. I fed LMD and pretended that I would get back to sleep with her yelling in my ear & climbing on me till giving up at 7am. LMB was already awake, but playing quietly in her room, and mstr A didn't even wake up till I went to fetch him for breakfast at 8.15.

The roofers have fnally arrived and have been banging around outside since 8am, although it took me a while to work out what was happening, cos I'd forgotten they were starting today, and they didn't say hello or nuffing! So their first cup of tea didn't arrive till gone 10am. ho hum.

We spent a quiet morning watching tv & playing on the computer. LMB took herself back to bed for an hour, giving me time to print out & post a load of posters for a course I'm running in Feb. I've got to get it filled, cos it's enough to cover my wages for the month, so I can resign from the idiots.

I made a stunningly lazy lunch of frozen fishfingers, frozen potato shapes and tinned spaghetti, followed by instant whip. All three kids ate every speck of it for once!

Now, I've just got LMD off to sleep, and the other two are playing jig-saw puzzles (we got a load of new ones at xmas, after I threw all the old ones out in a fit of annoyance!). I'm going to tempt fate and try to finish off a college assignment while they're all quiet:-)


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