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Friday, December 30, 2005

Not the ideal end to 2005

As we wave goodbye to 2005, many families get together to see in the new year. We are not one of those, doing all our family stuff over Xmas, so we were looking forward to a quiet day at home, childless for once, to start on our large pile of new books.

Sadly, we had just enough time to get rid of the kids, and write a rude letter to my boss when the phone rang. It was Aggies half brother, telling us that his dad had had another heart attack early this morning. Aggies dad had a HA some ten years ago, but had totally changed his lifestyle, so we thought he was clear now. While Aggie phoned round his family, I checked in with the hospital to find out that it had been a stroke, not a HA - but that he was awake and talking, which is always a good sign.

So, most of the day has been spent at the hospital, where we had a little family reunion with both half brothers, full brother & uncle, although as we said to dad, he could have just asked us all round to his house!

We're waiting for the results of his brain scan to check if it's a clot or a bleed causing the stroke, although it is likely to be a clot, as he had a minor HA at the same time. He is already getting some movement back in his left side, so it looks promising for a full, or nearly full recovery in time.

Aggie is the eldest son, so is down as next of kin. I hope it doesn't get complicated with his dad's fiance, but hopefully there will be no major decisions to be made anyway, although we would do our best to discuss anything with her anyway.


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