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Monday, January 02, 2006

No change there then!

Well, sleep deprivation hits again:-(

but hopefully it's the beginning of the end.....

Once Xmas was properly finished, I put my foot down and refused to feed LMD during the night any more. Being cruel & heartless I have drastically limited her daytime feeds too. She's 11 months old now, and really doesn't need to be demand fed anymore - not when she demands it 6 times a day! So she only gets mummy first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and for one week only, mid-afternoon.

She is not impressed with this arrangement, and is vocally letting me know. I hate doing this:-(

Last night was her third night without a feed, and she also decided to put her foot down. She started crying at midnight, and kept it going pretty much non-stop till 4.30! she'd calm down on and off if I cuddled her, but has mastered the art of screaming in her sleep, so was able to keep me awake all the time:-(

Now, obviously, she's miserable and tired & trying her best to convince me to feed her, so she can have a nap.

I am not going to give in.

but I'm not going to like it either.


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