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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas, the final episode

So that's it, Christmas is finally over for the Aginothlings. All presents have been given & recieved, and now we just have to find places to put them all, learn how to play each and every one, and clear away all the rubbish, sweets, and other christmassy paraphanalia.

We had a lovely time at Nanny A's today. The cousins arrived before us, and were already happily playing with their new toys. SiL was busy sorting out food in the kitchen, making me feel slightly guilty for plonking myself down on the sofa and drinking a cup of coffee, but not for long:-) We exchanged presents & there was a great flurry of excitement for a few minutes. Unfortunately BiL & SiL had not checked with us before buying the kids presents & Mstr A yelled "but I've already got this" in his usual tactful way as soon as he opened his board game. However, he was mollified with the promise to exchange it tomorrow & happily played with Boy Cousin's hotwheels.

LMB was in her element, being pampered by Girl Cousin, & LMD thought she was in heaven with a never-ending supply of sweets within reach. In fact, they all played pretty well together for most of the day.

The cousins left at about 3pm & we hung around for another couple of hours before heading off to CQ's for the Crazie party. She's done a post all about it here, but basically we had a great time.

More presents were exchanged - with plenty for me & Aggie this time round too. I got loads of books that I've been wanting (although I don't know how long it will take me to read them all!), and a couple of DVD's, Aggie collected himself some music & some books & the kids all received fantastic books, toys & games. Mstr A got TWO pokemon items & was silent for hours as he looked through the book, LMB had some lovely books that she persuaded CK to read with her & LMD slowly got over her fear of CQ:-) In fact the only hic-cup was from my cat allergy, which I think I will have to ugrade from strong to "severe", as it was causing me some serious breathing difficulties by 8pm:-(

The kids were all much too excited to sleep, so by about 9.30 we called it a night & took our leave. I had really intended to stay this year, but it was just not to be. Maybe next year......


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