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Thursday, December 15, 2005

My Utopian World part 4 - someone's listening!

So, you're still going to have to wait for the Education installment, as today (a day early) you get my Utopian World - crime & punishment, to tie in with the news story today.

Prisons are places of re-education& re-habilitation in my utopian world. I do not believe in punishment or revenge. I do believe that nearly everyone can make a useful contribution to society & will do so if given the right encourgement.
However, they are no luxury hotels!
Prisoners have to work a 5 day week. they can practise their profession if appropriate, work for the Community Works Service, or attend full time education or vocational training.
They get paid, and food & board is deducted. the remainder can be put into a bank account for their family, or for them to access on release.
All government institutions are drink & drug free (that includes tobacco - which is not available for public use anyway!).
On release, prisoners will be assisted to find accommodation & employment. They will also have access to a mentor to help them learn life skills.

Some people will not be applicable for release. These are people who are dangerous to society - either because they continue to re-offend, or because they do not understand the rules of society (Psycho/sociopaths) or because the nature of their offence was so abhorrant they could not re-enter society. They have seperate prisons/residential homes, and limited employment opportunities. These are run as self-sufficient Estates as much as possible.

Other penalties
obviously, most crimes do not require inprisonment. Other options available to Magistrates include:
  • Fines - a percentage of income, not a fixed penalty
  • Community service - with the Community Works Service, in addition to other employment/studies
  • Tagging - either for a curfew, or a geographical limit
  • Repair - direct compensation to the victim by repairing damage/repaying costs etc
  • Asset stripping - where assets have been bought with illegally gained money, they can be taken to pay compensation to the victims or the government.
The Police
There are a variety of policing authorities in my Utopian World. They work in partnership with each other, but independently, with their own policies & procedures.
  • The Transport Police - these are responsible for all transportation matters, from parking infringements to train security.
  • Border Control - these are responsible for all movement across our national borders. Including immigration & customs & excise.
  • The Criminal Investigation Police - All the criminal stuff.
  • Corporate Investigations - Serious fraud, Health & Safety crimes, Internet abuse etc, just because it needs specialist & different skills.
Of course, my parenting licence & fantastic education policies mean there are very few crimes in the first place:-)
It is a proven fact that the majority of prisoners are below average education levels, and it seems fairly obvious that the more you have, the less likely you are to risk losing it all.
I also allow many activities that are currently illegal to take place in my Utopian World, under license, including most drug-taking and prostitution. I'll do a social affairs post another week-)

If you have missed the previous installments, you can find them below:
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  • At Thursday, December 15, 2005 1:38:00 pm, Blogger Dave said…

    I look forward to the education post as that's my special area of interest. Good to read a sensible well thought out post rather than the more usual 'hang the bastards' that you get in the blogosphere.

  • At Thursday, December 15, 2005 2:42:00 pm, Blogger Juggling Mother said…

    I will do the Education one some time, I promise, although I can't say I've put tons of thought into this - it's just the first time I've written down my thoughts coherently. I'm sure everyone has them - those moments when you're listening to the news & shout at it "but it's obvious what you should do...."

    As I am totally politically inactive (other than voting), & no longer have the ears of the rich & powerful (I kinda did once you know), this is the best I can do:-)

  • At Thursday, December 15, 2005 4:13:00 pm, Blogger Dave said…

    I'm hooked, 'ears of the rich and powerful??????????
    Who, what, when and where?

  • At Thursday, December 15, 2005 7:33:00 pm, Blogger Juggling Mother said…

    My younger brother was a succesful spin doctor for New Labour, and heading for a glittering career in politics when he died. He was "in" with a number of factions in both houses, and used to use us (his family & friends) as sounding boards and "the voice of the people".

    I may have been kidding myself, but I always felt that if I said it to him, it would reach the right ears:-) A number of rants I unleashed at him did seem to be debated in the commons soon after!

    100's of rich & powerful people turned up to his funeral & my mother was ludicrously proud to recieve a handwritten letter of condolance from Blair (who she hates!), but although we recieved many offers of "if you ever ned anything.....", naturally, we have never heard hid nor hair from any since.

  • At Thursday, December 15, 2005 10:57:00 pm, Blogger mig bardsley said…

    You might be amused by a link on my site, (I'd put it here but I don't know how...or if it's polite to do so even if I could:)

  • At Thursday, December 15, 2005 11:02:00 pm, Blogger mig bardsley said…

    Reminds me, my sister got burgled twice by two teenagers. They were caught and offered the opportunity to do community service i.e clean up the mess they made in my sister's house. She said although she thought it was a good idea, it was a thoroughly uncomfortable experience having two sullen, unrepentant teenagers cleaning up after themselves in her home!

  • At Friday, December 16, 2005 6:39:00 am, Blogger Vics said…

    Ok. I'm sold - can I come live with you Mrs A?

  • At Friday, December 16, 2005 8:48:00 am, Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said…

    As usual, you have this all very well thought out, my dear Mrs. A.
    I really think that whern your little ones reach an age when you feel you have more time you should think about running for some kind of office where yourvery strong ideas can be utilized...I saw in the comments about your brother and had not known about what he did or the fact that he died...I'm very sorry...I know that had to be very very hard...
    But it seems though you are not politically active from what you said, you have a great GREAT interest in the future of your's something to think about. Can't wait to read about your Education Plan!

  • At Friday, December 16, 2005 10:56:00 am, Anonymous smiffykins said…

    when can i join ur world?

  • At Saturday, December 17, 2005 8:00:00 pm, Blogger Plain Jane said…

    These are fantastic posts... can I get a house in Utopia?

    (here from Michele's again :) )


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