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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Shop, shop, shop, shop, shop

Sadly not the nice kind of shopping (not that I'm too keen on any kind!).

Aggie was off work today so he could watch Mstr A's nativity play first thing, so I had the car available for once. So my day consisted of a quik tidy up & finish wrapping all the presents we've got at the moment, then when Aggie got back, a trip to iceland for a re-fill of the freezer, a trip to tesco's for non-perishable Xmas food, a trip to woolies for LMD's pressie (the last of the major ones to buy), a trip to the health visitor to wiegh LMd as she was incorrectly marked on her 9 month review as massively underweight (she wasn't really, just the HV marked it on the graph wrong & panicked), pick up Mstr A, decorate the tree, cook supper, send them all to bed.

So now we are happily sampling the mint Bailey's we bought for Xmas:-) Yum.

Still, I'm feeling a little more relaxed about Xmas now we've got the tree & the vast majority of the pressies sorted. Just a couple to buy now - don't know what I'm getting them yet tho:-(

I'm getting a bit of hassle from work stuff too, so although I was intending to take next week off, I don't think I'm going to be able to:-(


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