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Friday, December 09, 2005

Just another day

Nothing very exciting today really - just an average day in my life:

Up at 6am to send Aggie off & feed LMD, get the other two up at 7am, sort out breakfast, get them dressed. Suddenly remember it's "festive Friday" at Mstr A's school & whip up some "christmassy" clothes out of tinsel & baubles - then the same for LMB who wanted to be "just like my bruvva". Off to school at 8.20, ready to do Wake Up shape Up at 8.30. Get nabbed by teacher for some work related stuff so promise to get a load of info sorted out by Monday, rush straight off to Daycare. Drop off LMB & LMD & make it back home just before 9am.

Dump the pram, pick up the car & drive off to Exeter for a meeting. It's a policy meeting to decide what/who should be involved in a new group and when/how. Balance the need to be involved in the new County Sports Partnerships being formed, with the fact that I only work two days a week and have at least 4 CSP's to be involved with, along with 16 Specialist Sports Colleges, dozens of local authorities, hundreds of clubs and thousends of schools.

Grab a sandwhich to eat in the car & head home. Discuss my sisters job offer on the way & agree it's not the right one for her (I have a hands free - don't worry). Arrive home at 3.18pm. Dump car, grab pram & run to school to pick up mstr A (he finishes at 3.20pm), then round to Daycare for LMB & LMD. Get home, feed kids a snack. Put cream on grazed knees. Send a fax to the exam venue for Sunday.

Aggie comes home, we all go out to eat cos we feel like being cheered up. Drag all the kids out, eat, drag all the kids back, get them changed into pyjama's, LMB's teeth cleaned & face washed, story read, water provided, cuddled, kissed, cuddly toyed & put to bed. Repeat for Mstr A. Change & feed LMD until (eventually) she falls asleep (I know it's not good practise to feed her to sleep, but....). Put her in bed. Sit down. Pick up answerphone messages. Sort out panicy candidates for exam on Sunday.

7.45pm relax, blog, watch TV, think about doing some college work. Nah, I'm only two assignments behind:-)

A good day.


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