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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Moo moo again




Ahhhhh - feeding baby

eeewww - vomiting baby

I spent the dy down in the arse end of Cornwall, having a useful & important meeting, unfortunately organised by someone else, so reliant on their timings, transport & organisation.

I had to meet up with my two colleagues at 7am over in the next town, so we could all drive down to the meeting together (saving expences). This meant a 6am wake up, pack sleepy children in the car so Aggie could drop me off, bring the kids back for Nanny A to look after & head off to work. LMD had a feed at 4.30am, so wasn't interested at 6. It's a 3 1/2 hour drive each way, plus a 4 hour meeting, plus stopping for linch, plus chatting a bit before persuading someone to give me a lift home, so i finally arrived home at 7pm

14 1/2 hours between feeds, for a baby who usually feeds every 3 hours or so! By the time I arrived at the meeting at 10am I was feeling full, and half way through had to quickly put my jacket on to hide the leak! I went off to the toilet for a quick milking at lunch time, but it's no fun, not easy & doesn't really get much out, so only relieved the pressure for a short while.

Apparently LMD was just fine, stuffing yoghurt & baked beans all day long. I was in agony, so as soon as I walked in the door, I shoved her on. She was delighted & sucked happily for about half an hour. Then I put the other two to bed & came back down to let LMD suck herself to sleep, two sucks later & the whole lot comes back up. Lovely!

Cleaned it all up & decided not to bother trying to make her go to sleep - she's now happily chomping my chips:-) It proves she really doesn't need the milk anymore - she's just demanding it out of bloody mindedness! I must cut it down.

Anyway, no college tomorrow, cos I'm off to Exeter for a big conference thingy, which should be fun.

BTW could everyone go to Aggies old blog & flag it to blogger (using the little flag button on the blogger toolbar at the top of the page) as some pervert has appropiated his URL & started posting porn there! Update: this has now been flagged, removed & I've set up a holding post to stop anyone doing the same again. Power to the people!

PS the title of this post refers to one of my earlier rants on the perils of breast feeding. It was probably the only really funny thing I've ever managed to write, so if you haven't read it yet, I advise you to:-)


  • At Friday, December 09, 2005 12:40:00 am, Blogger mig bardsley said…

    Oh I so remember that bursting boob feeling. And how is it that such small people can return twice as much milk as they drank?
    Read the post...laughed lots :)
    Have a good time in Exeter.

  • At Friday, December 09, 2005 11:23:00 am, Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said…

    My Lordy...The Problems of A Nursing Mother never end I guess till your little one has had enough, huh?! (lol)

    By the way, I WAS able to get to Mr. A's old blog and flag it through your link...Thank You for that..cause I had already delated that old link in my as not to get confused...Hope this stops that 'How Dare He' JERK!!!
    That really is terrible that someone can do that!

  • At Friday, December 09, 2005 4:06:00 pm, Blogger margalit said…

    14 hours? It's amazing that your boobs didn't explode! No way could I have ever gone that long.

    Michele sent me.


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