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Thursday, November 24, 2005

My Utopian World part 1

Regular readers will know that every now & then I make a throw away comment about my fantasy Utopian world, where I am supreme lord and ruler, loved & trusted to legislate on all issues for everyone:-)

So I thought you might be interested in some of the laws that apply in MrsAginothLand, public consultation/comments are always welcome (although obviously not necessarily acted upon!)

Naturally, this land is not perfect, and bears a remarkable similarity to the real world, so the context of these laws is here, tomorrow.

If I were elected tomorrow, the first laws passed would be on home issues:

Frieght & Commercial Goods should not be transported by road if any other alternative is available. No frieght road journeys should be longer than 50 miles.
This one tackles congestion, environmental concerns and the "local produce" lobby. It is specifically based on UK geography, due to the comparitively small distances, dense population & variety of other transportation options available (rail, sea, canal, air etc)

All intoxicating substances may only be sold& imbibed in licensed premisis. No-one may leave the premisis until medically confirmed clear of all effects.
This one solves all the drug legalisation debates, offers a fair price to farmers, removes the worry of dealers cutting drugs with other chemicals, and removes all drink/drug related crime/violence etc.

next installment will deal with immigration & education!


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