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Friday, December 23, 2005

A day to ourselves

We had a whole day to ourselves today! LMB & LMD went off to nursery at 8.30am, and I'd booked Mstr A into a day play scheme at my old leisure centre (mine in the sense that I used to manage it).

I wasn't sure how well he'd cope with the group activities and sports, which is why I sent him to that centre, as I knew they would put in the extra effort to help him if necessary. However, he had a wonderful time, and joined in everything. The only comment we got was that he was "a bit loud", but lots of boys are! Now I know he can cope, I'm going to book him in to our local leisure centre's scheme next Friday. Our local centre is a big, professional one, so their schemes are better run, more organised, cheaper & longer hours, but also have a lot more children, and less flexibility.

Anyway, I went back to bed at 9am, and despite hearing phantom children fairly regularly, slept right through till 1pm. It was really, really needed, and I feel much better, and am a much nicer mum & wife too:-)

Aggie was supposed to be tidying while I rested, but he kinda got caught up in playing "a couple of turns" of Civ4! However, he did manage to clean up most of the kitchen & I finished up the front room after lunch, so as long as our guests don't look around at all whie they're here, we're ready for christmas.

We also picked up the final christmas food from the organic farmers market a few miles away. A lovely turkey and an enormous joint of pork. We couldn't work out why there was so much pork until we looked at the weights - we'd ordered 4lb's, and they'd given us 4kilo's! Oh well, it's been cut into three, and thats two sunday dinners in the freezer:-) Add in the veg - potatoes, carrots, parsnips, sprouts, chestnuts, and peas, and a selection of local cheeses (Cheddar is just down the road from us here - we have good local cheese available), and thats £60 gone! But we are all done. Nothing else to buy.


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